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Antonio & Edmond - fondateur de la marque "IZAMBAR CIGARS"
Have you heard about the "Cigars according to Edmond" blog? Do you know how it got its name? Quite simply, it refers to Edmond Dantès from the famous novel "The Count of Monte Cristo" by Alexandre Dumas, a passionate and romantic man who our blogger does not envy, being just as excited and passionate about literature.

A great lover of cigars, it didn't take him long to share his smoky stories with all our "aficionados" through his writing, which is appreciated by all. His various tasting notes posted on this blog have proven his technical knowledge. His experience allowed him to go on to make his own cigar humidors, those which suited him best. His first creation was the "WELLES", a truly decorative design with decidedly contemporary shapes and materials, a design in line with the times, demonstrating every part of his talent as a designer and an artist.


Obviously, after the blog and the humidors came his ambitious idea, which some said was a little crazy, to create his own cigar. Out of love and passion, he decided, along with his friend Antonio, to design this first model around the brand "IZAMBAR", named after his humidors. A name that's easy to remember as it rhymes with cigar, and also full of history since Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the renowned 18th century British engineer, an endearing personality and genius inventor, was also a great lover of cigars. It was said he could smoke up to 40 a day !

A year of work and of detailed taste and aroma analyses were needed to create this promising first design, the "Kingdom"; we hope, for him, that this will be followed by many others. Let's not forget his friend and partner Antonio Urech, co-founder of the Swiss "IZAMBAR CIGARS" company. A great example of passionate people realising their dreams.

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