History of Sovereign cigar

Mr. Brunel, the celebrated engineer, had several narrow escapes with his life; but the most extraordinary accident which befell him was that which occurred while one day playing with his children, and astonishing them by passing a half-sovereign through his mouth out at his ear. Unfortunately, he swallowed the coin, which dropped into his windpipe. The accident occurred on the 3rd of April, 1843, and it was followed by frequent fits of coughing, and occasional uneasiness in the right side of the chest; but so slight was the disturbance of breathing, that it was for some time doubted whether the coin had really fallen into the windpipe.

History of  Kingdom cigar

History of  Kingdom cigar

Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s unusual name comes from his civil engineer father, a Normandy refugee from the French Revolution. His English mother, Sophia Kingdom, gives birth to their only son on 9 April 1806. Marc Isambard Brunel isn’t good with money (a trait many financiers would say his son inherits), but he is a great engineer and a great teacher to his son. By eight, the young Brunel understands geometry and draughtsmanship. Even as a child, he’s a workaholic.

History of Blue Ribbon cigar

The story of the”Blue Ribbon” is far from harmless or fanciful, but much more romantic and insightful than it seems. Like each of the names attributed to our modules, they each refer to the life and work of Isambard Kingdom Brunel (British engineer and 19th century cigar smoker). The Blue Ribbon was a decoration created for promotional purposes by transatlantic shipping companies such as the Cunard Line or the White Star Line, a kind of transatlantic record race that would link Europe to North America in as few days as possible. The very first award was given to the”Sirius” a large steamer in 1838 in 18 days, unfortunately for him dethroned by the”Great Western” the next day by a crossing in 15 days 10 hours and 30 minutes by a ship specially designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, then another the”Great Britain” in 1843, the first boat with an iron hull propelled by a propeller which allowed him to win the trophy during his inaugural voyage in only 14 days! Two boats built by Brunel win the”Blue Ribbon”.

The”Blue Ribbon” is also a wink to another of the most famous double corona and transatlantic, the”Lusitania” of Partagas which in 1907 won the famous cockade by its crossing in 4 days 19 hours and 53 minutes, that is 10 days less than the”Great Britain”, unfortunately its tragic destiny is in the image of the”Titanic”, because….

History of Cenacle Maduro

Cenacle Maduro

Is the perfect size for capturing the full depth of flavour this premium brand has to offer. Not too big, and not too small. This Corona is made with a fine Brazilian wrapper, offering the richness of sweet spice notes, coffee, leather, and dark chocolate.

History of Churchill Maduro

Churchill Maduro

Dark, thick, and oily Brazilian wrapper. The smoke is rich and toasty with a deep series of chocolate and nuts. The after taste is spicy with natural sweet tones. Medium in body with a toasty, full-flavored finale..

History of Robusto Maduro

Robusto Maduro

Adequate draw with good amount of smoke, right from the start it surprises us with a nice note of pepper that immediately disappears and makes way to strong note of wood.

History of Torpedo Maduro

Torpedo Maduro

Cigar in the delicate aroma of wood and spices with notes of cream, coffee and cedar. This cigar enjoys an excellent draw and will delight the connoisseurs, milky smoke and a final to the chocolate notes.

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